ePerkz is Now Onwards HR, Dedicated to Separation Automation

Atlanta-based startup ePerkz has announced a new name, Onwards HR.

Onwards HR
February 18, 2021

ATLANTA, Ga. – Atlanta-based startup ePerkz has announced a new name, Onwards HR. The company’s featured technology, a data-driven employee separation platform, helps businesses streamline terminations smarter, faster, and in compliance with employment laws. The new name signifies the company's commitment to conducting clear, compassionate, and compliant separations. “The change to Onwards HR reinforces our dedication to providing consistent, painless transitions through separation automation,” explained Sarah Rodehorst, Chief Executive Officer. “Our culture has been built on transparency, objectivity, and innovation. Clients trust us to streamline the termination process and help them comply with employment laws.”

Co-founders Rodehorst and Janice Edwards, Chief Product Officer, met in 2000 on the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) campus at Georgia Tech. With more than two decades of experience launching SaaS products for startups and Fortune 500 companies, they reunited in 2017 to form ePerkz. ePerkz released its first solution in 2018, a product that improved the benefits selection process for brokers and employers. The technology simplified complex processes and automated mundane tasks, motivating the co-founders to research other verticals that could benefit from their product.

In 2019, they extended their platform into the separation management space. Data from a successful pilot program proved that their solution created efficiencies while minimizing the risk of implicit bias and wrongful terminations. The company calculated an impressive $12+ million in severance benefits in 2020 alone, verifying the industry's demand for process simplification through automation.

“Our mission is to help businesses manage human capital risk,” described Edwards. “Our compliance tools protect both employers and employees by preventing discrimination and other employment law violations. We chose the name Onwards HR because it represents the hope for a better tomorrow, and our solution can help bring about that change.”

About Onwards HR

Onwards HR empowers businesses to conduct consistent and compliant separations using our data-driven risk management platform. Our five-step process leverages integrated workflows, decision-making tools, and advanced analytics to improve efficiency, increase effectiveness, and minimize risk. The result is a streamlined separation process that creates a positive experience for employers and employees alike as they move onwards.

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